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There are reviews of a wide range of products on this site – we cover kitchen appliances, home products (such as furniture and interior design items) and garden wares. Each recommendation is 100% un-biased and we research every product using a variety of sources, we compare the features, and pros and cons of each product so you know everything you need to know before selecting the best item for your situation. We also consider product reviews from real owners of these items. Rest assured you can trust the reviews and buying guides that I publish on this site.

The first section of the new site is the gun safe reviews section. Gun safety is a very important issue in America and I think that it will help people to find the best gun safes for the money in 2017 on this site. I have just added the waffle irons and electric knife sharpeners pages. More updates soon!

I am excited to announce that I will be adding addition sections very soon.

Why Trust Our Reviews?

My name is Whitney Deal, and I am an experienced interior designer, landscaper, and cooking enthusiast who enjoys testing out new kitchen appliances, trying tasty new (and preferably healthy) recipes, and helping other people find the best appliances for their needs. So, I decided to create this site to help my readers find the right products for their needs, given that I have some experience in kitchens, home (and furniture) design, and gardening. Learn more.