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Comparing wedding dress slips can be very difficult for soon-to-be brides when preparing for this most special occasion. Often times we find that as the big day approaches, a bride will become consumed with a desire to find the ultimate wedding dress, a dress that possesses only the best attributes: one that fits perfectly and accentuates all of the positives of her body shape, while still being comfortable to wear for the entire wedding day, and often into the evening when the party starts at the wedding reception.

Even in a perfect scenario where money is no object, finding a wedding dress that fits all of the above criteria can be beyond stressful. This is why a bride should find the correct undergarment for her preferred wedding dress and ensure that she takes it with her for all of her fittings! This will ensure the best fit and will allow the dress to sit correctly on her as the dressmaker tailors it to fit correctly. A crinoline can even help a bride to avoid altering the dress at all, especially in cases where the hem needs to be lifted. The crinoline can raise the hem up by as much as an inch, and can avert unnecessary changes to an already stunning wedding dress.

Depending on your dress shape and type, you may find that you need a crinoline, hoop skirt, slip or petticoat. Each has their own special purpose and can be the difference between a perfectly fitted wedding dress or a disastrous fashion flop! Let’s delve a little deeper into the world of wedding dress undergarments and find out what will work the best for you as your special day approaches.

Wedding dress slips are essential in your quest for matrimonial fashion success, and can really make a dress stand out. But how would one define bridal slips? Well, put simply, both petticoats and crinolines could be considered as bridal slips, and the terminology is often interchangeable. A wedding petticoat or crinoline is just a petticoat that is made from quite a few layers of delicate fabrics and/or netting, that are finely sewn together. These help to create an overall fullness and help to shape a bride’s dress to maximize shapeliness and form.

Hoop skirts, on the other hand, act as a scaffolding that creates a full, round shape to the wedding garment. This skeletal form is made from high tensile wire and a flexible, taut series of hoops. It is these hoops that give the wedding dress its iconic bell shape. It can be tough trying to decide when a hoop skirt needs to be employed if you are browsing on your own, so make sure that you have a trusted friend or family member with you when you are out and about on your initial outings to the bridal store or boutique. Helpful staff will no doubt be on hand to advise you as well, so you needn’t worry too much if you are a little out of your depth while searching for the perfect dress.

So how would you decide what wedding dress slips could work best for you? Well, as with most things in life, deciding what the best undergarment for wedding dress adornment is boils down to personal preference and also some environmental factors such as temperature and humidity. How do you feel about fabric being in contact with your legs all day in sweltering heat and high humidity of summer? Perhaps in such climates a hoop skirt would be the wiser option to avoid irritation, something you really don’t need on the wedding day! The hoop slip also affords the bride some extra strength in the frame, and allows for more luxuriant, heavy fabrics to be worn. A minor setback would be that these slips can limit a bride’s movement, especially when sitting down.

Without getting too complicated, let us take a look at some of the most important points of consideration when deciding on the undergarment or corset for under wedding dress options that are at your disposal. In some instances, wedding spanx will be all that a bride needs, while in others, a full structural hoop slip will be needed to save the day. Each has their own place in the correct scenario, so when it comes to shapewear for wedding dress fitments, all options should be considered and none should be dismissed as each solution has their own merit under the correct circumstances.

Perhaps the most important in this instance would be what wedding dress fabric to decide on. As we touched on earlier, some fabrics are heavier than others, and as such may require additional support to allow the material to sit correctly on the bride’s body. Without this extra reinforcement the heavier fabrics have a tendency to bunch up and cause the petticoat to interfere with the wearer’s experience and can end up being very uncomfortable.

Another crucial factor to consider is the overall hem circumference of your wedding dress and what you want done with it. Do you wish to accentuate it’s fullness, or does the shape of the dress lend itself more toward a style of being draped? In cases of the former, again a hoop slip is recommended, while the latter would benefit more from a crinoline or petticoat.

Last but certainly not least would be the dress’s waist closure. This basically means that your undergarment’s draw string, or even wedding corset bra. Should have their waist closure point at the same level. This will allow the bride’s waist to be correctly displayed and will allow a comfortable fit underneath.
Be sure to consult your preferred bridal wear partner to ensure the best advice when deciding on your wedding dress slips. They will assist you with any color and shape concerns that you may have and will be able to match your dress in both areas.

Remember, your big day comes around only once in a lifetime, so be sure to choose only the best quality, fit and style for your wedding.

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