The Top 5 Best Waffle Irons Of 2017 – Reviewed & Compared

One of the best parts of waking up in the morning is eating a tasty meal and nothing beats freshly baked waffles with delicious toppings for breakfast. However, you`ll not be able to make perfectly baked waffles for you and your family if you do not have a good waffle iron.

Let us take a look at the different types of waffle irons along with their features and the factors that you should take into consideration when determining the best waffle iron for you.

What is a Waffle Iron?

A waffle iron is a kitchen appliance that has been designed to cook perfect waffles with less hassle and mess. This is a kind of contact grill which has a grid design to create waffles which taste great and look great for serving to your house guests, friends, and family.

Types Of Waffle Irons

•Classic Round Waffle Maker – Waffles made using this waffle iron are usually crispy and thin due to the small footprint and streamlined design of the device. Most round waffles irons run off electricity and have to be plugged into an outlet so that they can be used. There are many different models and makes of round waffle maker, so search for a model that best suits your needs.

•Belgian Waffle Makers – This waffle iron is used to make Belgian waffles, which are thicker than the round waffles and have a square shape. However, there`re also some brands of Belgian waffle makers that re round, but Belgian waffles are mainly known for their unique square shape. Although the differences are mainly aesthetic, the round Belgian waffle irons are more popular than the square ones.

•Stovetop Waffle Irons – Utilizing a classic design, this waffle irons can easily be used in any place where there is a heat source. Many individuals prefer the stovetop waffle irons due to the fact that they do not use electricity and give waffles a different texture and taste.

What To Look For When Buying A Waffle Iron

You should choose a waffle iron that:

1. Allows you to control the heat. – If you are using a stove-top waffle iron, it should evenly conduct heat across its surface and also be easy to hold its handle and turn it over the burner. The electric waffle iron should respond appropriately to temperature adjustments and heat evenly across its surface.

2. Tells you when the waffle is done- This applies only to electric waffle makers. For total control other waffle, color, texture, and more, temperature and control settings are included on nearly all waffle iron models. This enables to avoid damaging the waffles and saves the trouble of having to lift the lid to check if it`s ready. To control the level of browning level of your waffles, waffle irons have 3 to 5 settings that range from light to dark. With most waffle irons, you`ll also be able to adjust the temperature, so that you can make crispier waffles or ones that are fluffier and lighter.

3. Releases the waffles easily – The best waffle irons either have a cast-iron surface, in the case of stovetop models, or they`ve a non-stick coating. There is no point in cooking waffles if you`ve to scrape them out of the waffle maker in hunks.

4. Comes with removable grids –The removable grids make the process of cleaning easy. If you`ve an electric waffle iron without the removable grids, you will not be able to submerge it water for a thorough cleaning – you will be limited to wiping its grids down with a soft, bristle toothbrush or a damp rag.

5. Makes just one waffle style – Waffles should be either thin and crispy, with a fluffy and thick inside, but crispy on their outside surface, with deep pockets which can hold plenty of fruit or syrup (Belgian style) or relatively shallow pockets (American style). The best waffle makers will only make one waffle style; those that fall in between are generally judged mediocre at best.

6. Has safety features – To help guard against fire accidents you should choose a waffle iron which has safety features such as insulation, a cool to the touch handle, automatic shutoff and a locking lid.

7. Convenient weight – Waffle irons are relatively lightweight and most fit into storage vertically, so they do not take up a lot of space. The lighter irons weigh around 5 pounds, hence they are ideal for moving or when you want to take your waffle maker with you on vacation. The heavier waffle makers that are made of heavier metal or can make 2 waffles at once, can weigh as much as 9 to 10 pounds.

8. Has a durable construction -Waffle irons should be made of durable metal this is due to the fact that they`re to high heat frequently. Inadequate metal will warp or wear over time. Some good waffle maker materials of choice include chrome, brushed stainless steel, or even high performance bronze. Stainless steel is perhaps the most popular due to the fact that it`s not super expensive and evenly distributes heat, which is important when cooking waffles.