Stack-On SS-22-MB-E 22 Review

Stack-On SS-22-MB-E 22 an incredibly powerful and versatile gun safe. If you`re in search of a safe that can guarantee the safety of your valuables such as guns, ammo, money and jewelry, then this safe is a perfect choice for you.

It`s no wonder that thus safe is highly rated, has excellent customer reviews and is a popular choice for gun owners like you who like pragmatism, convenience and par excellence. Build using quality and durable steel, the Stack-On SS-22-MB-E 22 does the trick and can resist any form of forceful entry. Additionally, the quick access storage arrangement that comes with shelves allows one to adjust to his needs.

Traditionally, gun safes are known to value functionality over looks and forms. However, the Stack-on gun safe strikes a seamless balance between vibrancy and a nifty masterpiece.

In the Stack-On SS-22-MB-E 22 review article below, I will share with you a comprehensive list of features of the gun safe and present you with a final verdict that will enable you to make the right choice if you`re in search of a weapon safe.


1) Safety features
Though the safe is not fire or water resistant, it`s pretty good for a mid-range offer. Additionally, the locking system is much more like the other Stack-on safe in this price category. However, it comes with some other magnificent features that are only found in the high-end gun safes such as;
-Drill resistant hardened steel plates that make the safe unpenetrable and safe from drills
– Two way-locking bolts with three 1 inch steel live action locking bolts coupled with two dead bolts and concealed hinges to keep the prying hands off
-Electronic key with 10-digit keypads that allows you to key-in an easy to remember password but hard to crack
-Lastly, all Stack-on safes come with the patented Stack-on molded barrel rests that is robust and does not weaken or compress even after an extended use

2) Spacious
Measuring 17.6 x 55.1 x 26.8 inches, the gun safe is indeed spacious. The roomy safe is armed with plenty of generous compartments. The compartments include 4 adjustable shelves that are perfect for holding smaller gun accessories such as ammo and gun cleaners. The safe allows you to store 22 rifles or shotguns up to 54 inches tall, or 11 firearms.

3) Aesthetic
Stack-on did an excellent modeling job on the safe. You`ll fall in love with the black epoxy paint finish on the exterior. The silk-screen and chrome accent on the door makes the safe even more appealing.The other better half of the safe has been fitted with carpeted interior that cushions your firearms as well as providing a sensational guise.

4) Back-up Keys
With electronic devices, you`re always at the mercy of the power service provider. To avert the risk of the safe withholding your firearms in case of a power outage or forgotten password, you can comfortably use a backup key for easy access.

More details
The Stack-On SS-22-MB-E 22 has been crafted in an aesthetic and eye appealing design. It’s no wonder that the product has been able to outdo its rivals in the market. It has also incorporated the latest technology. What is interesting about the safe is that it sounds a warning in case the case the battery is about to die or to enter an incorrect password. This is a worthy purchase.