Stack-On PDS-500 Review

When it comes to drawer safe with an electronic lock, we want something that is easy to use and compact. Stack-On PDS-500 is a portable and sturdy gun safe that can be hidden anywhere including in your closet or mounted on a wall thanks to the pre-drilled mounting holes. The minimalist design of the safe can allow you to move with your firearms safely tucked.

From its straightforward, simple design to high-end extras like override backup keys and lockout features, this gun safe provides firearm owners like you a relaxed and a tranquil mind. Bathed in a black shade, the PDS-500 has an upscale feel, and the miniature size provides a cosmetic allure.


1) Safety
-Keypad access
This is a lock with an electronic keypad that provides you with an option of setting a three to eight digit combination, which will be used to access the safe. You can easily change the codes by using the button on the side of the safe.- Live action steel locking bolts coupled with concealed hinges to offer maximum security.
-Programmable lock
This remarkable feature allows the gun safe to automatically lock out for a period after 3 entry failed attempts.This feature ensures that prying hands are given no chance to try to crack your code through trial and error methods.
– Back up override key
In the event that you forget your entry codes or the batteries die, you can still access your firearms through a manual way using the override keys.However, extreme caution should be taken when handling the keys to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.
-Solid Construction
With a Stack-On PDS-500 , you`ll enjoy maximum security or your firearms, thanks to the solid steel with pry resistant steel doors that make the safe impossible to eve cause a dent or break.Moreover, the solid steel material makes the safe much durable, hence offering you the maximum security for an extended period.

2) Compact
With a modest dimension of 11.8*8.6*4.2 inches and weighing a mere 13.1 pounds, the Stack-On PDS-500 allows you to carry it wherever you go and can easily conceal it anywhere.

3) Easy to set up
In case you want to mount the safe on the wall, you`ll be more than happy to note that the safe comes with pre-drilled holes so you can attach it anywhere.In addition, it comes with fastening hardware so that mounting becomes a one-stop affair.

4) Small but big
Though the safe looks small from the outside, don`t be fooled by the mere size. The safe can comfortably hold 3-4 pistols.Even though you won`t be able to keep an entire box of ammo, the safe can comfortably hold several rounds of ammo that you need to get out of the prying eyes.

You now don`t need to break a bank to have your firearms stored safely. The Stack-On PDS-500 comes at a relatively competitive price given all the awesome features that it provides and is definitely one of its kind.

When securing your valuables, ensure that you mount them somewhere concealable on the wall where intruders cannot see yet you can swiftly retrieve the valuables where and when necessary.