Stack On Tactical Security Cabinet Review

Sales of tactical weapons or modern sporting rifles have doubled in the last few years, due to the size of these guns and their accessories many times they don’t fit into the standard gun cabinets or gun safes that are in the market today. Stack on has been researching storing tactical weapons and they have designed this cabinet to fit those demands. Security is a top concern when locking up your valuables, the features built into this cabinet will give you peace of mind knowing that your firearms and valuables are safe and secure.

Stack-On TC-16-GB-K-DS is a tactical cabinet and not a safe because the material, the metal is very thin almost like a sheet metal but still it does provide high level of protection and this is really good for someone who just wants to meet something like California’s firearm safety device standard.
So if you want something affordable to just store your firearm and meet California’s law, this is good for you. This cabinet helps to keep your firearms organized, it has a three-point locking mechanism and the cabinets are adjustable so you can have more storage of ammo and other products or you could have rifles on both sides, that’s up to you it’s fully convertible.

This cabinet is pretty good for assembly, you are going to need a couple of things, mostly Phillips head screwdriver, a long and a short one. The cabinet comes with instructions which are very easy to follow and although the mounting hardware is included containing some bolts so that you can mount it to a wall or a floor. It also provides some additional components that can help you to install rifles on both sides but the most common setup is the tactical setup with rifles on one side and another side for storage for ammo and other products and center is for your tactical rifles.

The cabinet is pretty tall so you are gonna fit in most of the guard you really need to and from the outside if the kids wants to open it they don’t have anything, there is nothing, there is no handle that you’re going to grab onto, so to open it you’re going to use the key and pull it out and that’s basically it.

With the tactical setting, you have your home defense right in the center so just grab it and pull it out and there is nothing to snag or anything, therefore you can grab it really quickly. There is a storage on the right side for ammo and other products and the left side can have rifles. There is plenty of space in this cabinet for this size. It can be a little bit dark in there so you can make a small setup to put in some battery operated LED lights inside the cabinet so you can see better in dark while grabbing your rifles.

The price of this cabinet is around $250, as a starting point, it is a great solution for storing your weapons at an affordable price.