Stack-On GCB-8RTA Security Plus 8-Gun Safe Review

Already well-known for offering top-of-the-line gun-safes, Stack-On’s GCB 8RTA Security Plus 8 Gun Safe is indeed yet another fantastic addition to its extensive collection. With high-end features, storage space large enough to store large handguns and shotguns as well as rifles, and an affordable price tag – all in one package, the GCB 8RTA is an ideal choice for a gun-safe that will keep your guns safe from thieves and robbers and away from children. Read on to know more about the safe.

Despite the modest price-tag, the Stack-On GCB 8RTA Security Plus 8 Gun Safe is no slack when it comes to security. Offering a solid and sturdy design, the storage cabinet has all of its parts securely covered with top high-end materials which enhance its long-lasting durability by quite a few years. It also includes other more durable materials such as efficient lock-washers and nylon insert nuts, which serve the same purpose. Furthermore, the safe has foam-padded barrel and bottom rests, which prevents it from getting any unwanted scratches on its surface when it is placed on the wall or on the floor.

Considerably larger than other safes in its range which can hold four rifles at most, the GCB-RTA stands at 52 inches tall, which renders it capable of holding up to eight rifles. This is a great advantage, especially for gun enthusiasts, since they can store a large number and variety of rifles at a time in a single storage unit with no difficulty.

The GCB-8RTA has several other selling points, apart from its ability to store multiple rifles. One of these is the fact that it is extremely easy to install. With pre-drilled mounting holes, the safe can be easily mounted on any convenient solid surface, such as the floor or the wall. They also allow the safe to be removed easily when not in use. Furthermore, with no requirement of any additional tool, the safe can be established easily in under 30 minutes, and your children can even help you in the process while you’re at it.

Yet another impressive aspect of the GCB-RTA is its safety feature. The main reason behind anyone keeping a safe is to protect their firearms from being stolen and/or misused, be it by robbers and thieves or by unsuspecting children who often have no idea of what they are doing. And with a sturdy locking mechanism in place, you can be rest assured that your guns are safe from any unauthorized accessing.

The only flaw of the safe is that it’s steel construction might not be very effective and recommended for professional thefts. That said, chances of a truly “professional” theft occurring are truly next to none, which makes the safe a more-or-less safe option for the most part.

Despite some inherent flaws, the Stack-On GCB 8RTA is still a very secure safe with high-end features that can store a large number and variety of guns and comes at an affordable price – factors which make it a great choice for the many people who have already bought the safe and are very satisfied with its performance.

A word of advice: When you intend to purchase a gun safe, you must consider certain essential factors. You must, therefore, gain a comprehensive view of the product by reading both its product performance and its product reviews, so that you can effectively decide its strengths and weaknesses. Before actually making a purchase, you must make a thorough and informed comparison among different items.