Gunvault SV500 Review

The latest member of the Speedvault family, the SV500 is the non-biometric version of the SpeedVault, and contrary to most high-tech safes these days, does not shy away from making use of classic features.

Though not as small as compared to its biometric counterparts (such as the SVB500), the SV500 can be easily mounted in a variety of places such as under a desk, on a solid wall, or even on a nightstand that has a solid base. This makes it a much better option for people who prefer to anchor down their firearms as opposed to keeping them in a small sized safe that can easily be taken away in case there is a robbery. And thanks to its ability to be easily mounted on any solid surface, it acts as a very effective desk mount for quite a few categories of people, especially those who work from a home office and feel that they must have a firearm right beside them at all times.

Being quite big in terms of size – certainly bigger than its biometric cousins, the SpeedVault SV500 allows for much more space, which you can easily and conveniently use to store larger handguns such as the 1911. In order to allow easy access, the safe also has a quick acting drop down drawer, which indeed is one of its finest selling points. The moment you place your fingerprint or enter the code on the biometric keypad, the drawer is released and gun will be available to you in an instant. Now, that is feature that seriously saves you the time which you would otherwise have to spend on opening the safe and looking through a variety of firearms to find which firearm it is that you need.

As already mentioned above, the SV500 has a number of key selling points, it most primary one being the fact that it is extremely easy to use and is fully digitized, which makes it very easy for the user to quickly pop-in the codes and retrieve their firearms. It also has a back-up key override in case anything goes wrong. And while it is a feature of the old days that most safes don’t have today, it is not such a bad thing to have should your digitized lock ever decide to malfunction.

It is also quite cheap on the price front, offering state-of-the-art protection while costing much less than safes equipped with biometric technology. Needless to say, it is the best option if you’re among the many who are not interested in draining hundreds of dollars on the latest technology, and prefer to have yours with a little bit of conventionality thrown in.

Offering a bevy of options that most other safes lack, the SV500 by far makes for one of the best investments that anyone can make, especially if their requirement is to have a safe that can easily be anchored down, can easily be accessed, offers many options not offered by other safes and yet are extremely affordable.