Gunvault GV2000S Review

Anyone looking for a gunvault is going to be looking for security, space, and ease of storage. The Gunvault GV2000S is a great vault to protect your firearms from theft and more importantly, your kids from gaining access to them. In the credo of the medical profession, “first, do no harm.” You don’t want your kids around firearms when they’re untrained, as they risk injury and worse yet, death. This is where the Gunvault GV2000s comes into play. Seriously, you can’t be too cautious when guarding your guns, even from your own family. If you have more than one handgun at your disposal, this firearm safe will keep them protected and secure.

The GV2000s not meant for larger firearms, which is perfect if all you need is enough room to house one or two guns. Not to mention that because it is so compact, you can move it to your home, garage, or office as well. Because it is so secure, you can also store anything valuable, including important documents, mementos, and jewelry. Designed to cut down space while maximizing storage, the GV2000s also includes padding on the inside to prevent wear and tear on your valuable items. You can also remove the shelf to store larger items as necessary.

In addition to its compact dimensions, the GV2000s is super sturdy – this vault could probably survive a nuclear blast! The vault fastens to just about any service, so you can put it under a nightstand, floor, desk, bed – the vault can be stored just about anywhere that is in reach. Given that it is only 14 lbs, you would want to fasten it to something so no one can just pick it up and snatch it from you. The spring-loaded door is protected and reinforced with steel, so even if someone does pick it up, they won’t be able to get inside at all.

But even if they do pick it up, the vault is prepped with a 16-guage steel lock on the front. The 4-button system can program over 12 million different codes and is nearly indestructible. The built-in computer system blocks access to invalid keypad entries and offers the ability to operate in silent mode to prevent noise disturbance a la Metal Gear Solid “stealth” mode. Just don’t forget your code or else you’ll be stuck trying to pry it open (it comes with precise fittings so even hand tools won’t be able to get through this vault). If that doesn’t work, it also comes with two overriding keys. These come into handy when you forget your code, the keypad stops working, or if the battery dies on you (which would require a long time).

Overall, the Gunvault GV2000s is a perfect addition to your home – reliably safe, secure, and compact, the vault can house multiple weapons, important documents, and other valuables. This frees up the time you could be worrying about whether the kids or intruders will find and use your firearms and instead gives you ease of mind as you can go about your day keeping your family safe. And just in the event that it does stop working or does not give you the peace of mind you need, there is a one-year limited warranty that you can use. And even though it’s so secure, you can access your safe quick and easily in the event of an emergency.