First Alert 5200DF Portable Handgun Safe Review

A compact handgun pistol safe will come in handy when you want to take a gun with you on the go. There is a wide variety of pistol safes available for your selection. Of the many safe’s available, very few can compete with the first Alert 5200DF Portable Handgun or Pistol Safe. The latter safe is a creation of one of the most trusted names in the home safety industry. Thus the 5200 DF portable handgun or pistol safe has a lot to offer in regards to security and ease of access. The inside of the gun safe can easily be accessed without the need for passcodes, combinations or passwords.

The 5200 DF utilizes a quick access keypad with a 3 to 8 digit code. This “no see” based keypad gives you access to the contents of your safe within seconds. Thus, it performs well during emergencies. Upon entering the correct passcode, the spring loaded mechanisms opens giving you access to the inside of the safe. One of the best things about this safe is that it features a braille panel, which makes it easy for blind persons to open it. The locking mechanism is powered by a 9-volt battery that can last up to 8 hours when in use. The locking system is fully electronic, and the battery will last longer if the safe is not often accessed.

Apart from being an easy to open safe, the 5200 DF is also very well constructed. The safe is built from 18 gauge steel and has a black powder finish. Measuring 3.5 by 9.3 by 11.5 inches and weighing 6.3 pounds when empty, this safe is portable enough for on-the-go use. The interior of the safe is foam padded and spacious enough to accommodate up to two pistols. To affirm its status as one of the best gun safe’s from First Alert, the 5200 DF safe has been endorsed by the California Department of Justice.

While this safe is designed to be a compact handgun or pistol safe, it can be mounted in your home or car. Towards this end, it comes with pre-drilled mounting holes and a 1500 pound test steel cable for locking the safe down in the trunk of your vehicle.

The safe’s locking mechanism is both secure and durable. This locking system is a six lever key lock system that is as durable as it is secure. The padded foam interior of the safe protects your firearm from damage and also ensures that your ammunition does not get lost in the safe’s crevices.

The 5200 DF handgun or pistol safe from First Alert is an ideal safe for law enforcement agents as well as gun owners looking for a basic safe for their firearms. This safe is noise free, meaning there are no beeps or alarms. Also, the safe comes with a bypass key for when you get the passcode wrong. However, it is easy to note that the keypad on this safe is easy to program. While the safe can accommodate two pistols, it is recommended to store one handgun or pistol with the ammunition. Thus, it is ideal for pistols with high caliber.