Finding The Best Gun Safe For The Money in 2017

A Gunvault biometric gun safe safe with a handgun inside it

Gun safety is very important. These gun safe reviews were written to assist you in selecting the correct secured firearm storage unit for your situation.

Best Gun Safes of 2017

There are some reviews of the leading models linked to below. It is important to store your guns safely in a gun safe to stop children and thieves from getting ahold of your firearms.

The Main Reasons That You Need A Gun Safe

Believe it or not, there are several legitimate reasons as to why you must own a safe for your guns. This is especially applicable if you own guns and also have children in the house, among so many other things. While the reasons for owning a gun are many, here are the top eight reasons why you must have a safe for your guns- as compiled by me.

Thanks to recent, unfortunate events, the government has made laws on owning and keeping guns stricter, which entails more guns being taken away from us. By keeping your weapons locked inside a safe, you can safeguard your belongings by enforcing your rights to bear arms as a law-abiding American citizen, as per the 2nd Amendment.
If you’re a parent and/or have children in the house, you must keep your weapons in a place that is safe and out of reach of children – by law. With most states having an actual law that states this, this keeps your children away from guns and ammunition that they may hurt others or even themselves with.
In some states, there is a law that mandates gun-owners to keep their guns under lock-and-key when they are not using them – even when they do not have any children at home. California, for instance, has its own law in place which requires gun-owners to lock their guns with a safety device that has been certified by the Department of Justice of the State of California. This implies that you must make sure that your safe is suitably approved.
#4 While insurance companies cover only $3,000 worth of guns, most gun-owners own weapons worth far more. If you belong to this category, you must keep your guns locked away in a place that is protected from both thieves as well as natural elements such as water and fire.

#5 By owning a safe to store your gun, you can actually save up on insurance money. This is because many insurance compnaies often give a considerable discount to those who own safes. In case you already own a safe, or are on your way to purchase one, you must check with your insurance company to see if it offers a discount. Not only will your guns be safe, they will further be insured – and that too for a lesser price!
#6 Believe it or not, the perpetrators of most burglaries are people who are known to the victims. If people who are aware of the fact that you own guns, break into your house, steal your gun, and use it to commit crimes, you would be charged for those crimes, despite having not committed them. Additionally, could also be sued by victim’s family. Trust me, this is NOT a predicament you want to find yourself in.
#7 Gun safes protect your weapons from severe disasters. For instance, in case there is a massive fire and your house goes up in flames, your guns will still remain sound inside the safe. That said, you must make sure that you’re buying a safe which has the necessary features that make it fireproof, and will be able to protect your firearms from fire damage.
#8 If you’re among the many people who keeps a gun in their home to protect themselves, having a safe further reinforces the protection factor. By using a quick-access safe (which is easily available on the market), you can store your gun safely and carefully when not needed and quickly retrieve it in a short period when you do.

A gun safe with rifles inside it

Essential Features That Gun Safes Must Have

Believe it or not, many people who go out to buy safes to keep their guns in have no idea of the features that good gun-safe. The following are the features that a proper safe should have, along with the reasons why they need to be there in place. Using these features as a checklist, you can select a suitable safe for yourself that can effectively keep your guns safe.
#1. The safe should be larger than the space required to store your guns: Yes, that’s correct. No matter how absurd it may seem at the moment, there is always a possibility of you buying more guns later. So the safe that you buy is “just big enough” for your current collection of guns, buying more guns in the future would also require you to bear the inconvenience of having to buy a newer, bigger gun-safe. Therefore, you must have a large safe that can always accommodate any further guns that you may add to your collection.
#2 The safe must be absolutely fire-resistant: While it is true that fire-resistant safes cost quite a bit more than an ordinary one, it is worth the extra money (not to mention the inconvenience) that you will be required to pay to replace your guns should they get damaged in a fire.

#3. The safe must be secure enough: Believe it or not, many safes are made with steel which is not strong enough and can easily be drilled-through or split-through without having to surpass the lock. You must, therefore, study the specifications properly and ensure the safe that you buy is made up of no less than 10-gauge steel. The most recommended one, though, is the 8-gauge steel, which is almost impenetrable.
#4. The safe must be water-resistant: Good old Mother Nature might prove to be a destructive force for your guns. Your safe, therefore, must not allow water to get inside, so you won’t have to bear the brunt of shelling out the extra money to replace water-damaged guns.
#5. The safe should have a lock-type that corresponds with your requirements: Different kinds of locks work well with different kinds of requirements. For instance, quick-access safes work best for safes intended to be used for protection. These safes have a fingerprint-scanner or a keypad lock and are mostly electronic. If you’re using the safe to simply store the guns somewhere safe and don’t need them to protect yourself, a combination-lock or key-lock safe would be ideal for you.
#6. The safe must be strong and completely immobile: Any burglar can always take a safe which is lightweight and thereafter crack it at his own sweet time. Your safe, therefore, must be anchored either to floor or to a solid object that will not allow anyone to move the safe itself. In case the safe is devoid of holes, you must ask the manufacturer about how you can anchor the safe and modify it without having to void out the warranty.
#7. The safe must have an alarm: Not all safes have this feature, which is why you make sure that yours has one. This feature can come in handy to keep at bay both scrupulous burglars that may try to crack your safe, and curious children who may try to find out what it is that you’ve locked away.
#8 The safe should have a anti-theft keypad: Any keypad-enabled safe can easily be cracked by a thief if he/she fiddles long enough with the keypad. Your safe, therefore, must have an anti-theft keypad that will lock by itself if somebody keys-in the wrong key code more than the optimum number of times, so that they can’t employ the “guess the pin till it works” strategy.
#9 Electronic safes should have a proper battery system in place: Having an electronic safe which shows a dead battery when you access it is as big a hassle as can be. You must make sure, therefore, to avoid such hassles by purchasing a safe which has an option for backup entry in the form of an A/C Adapter and/or a backup key.
#10. The safe must be certified and have good and valid ratings: Safes that lack proper safety ratings are unsafe as they can easily be drilled-into with the help of hand tools – rendering the lock ineffective. Make sure that your safe has a BF rating at the very least, which makes it impossible for anyone to access your safe other than opening the lock with your permission.
#11. The safe should have a humidifier: Humidifiers regulate the level of moisture and help maintain your guns and keep them in good condition. The best gun safe for the money is one which has a humidifier inside it.

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